3 Ideas For Building Small House

Open House Plan

Small house floor plan can contain one up to three bedrooms.  Small house with dimension 27 -32 square meter can has one bedroom, 36 – 50 square meter has two bedrooms and 60 -80 square meter has three bedroom. Which will be built is determined with land area size. Bigger is better. Bigger means more loose, comfortable, easier to decorate room.  To save area, small house with three bedroom can be design as small house with loft. It’s the right way to create bigger garden area. Loft presence will not reduce garden dimension, otherwise it can increase it, because area for building room is replaced into loft.

Small House Floor Plan

Small house floor plan on 36 – 50 square meter area with one bedroom is simplest small house. There are not many options for this type. Here there are one living room, one bedroom, one bathroom and one kitchen. There are not wall between kitchen and living room. Usually house owner add non permanent border to separate these two rooms. Building wall between two rooms here will make this small house will be felt stuffy.

Small Home Plans

Small house floor plan on 36 – 50 square meter area with two bedroom is more loose than first small house. Here there are two bedroom. One bedroom for parent and one bedroom for kids. For 36 – 40 square meter only one bathroom which can be built. On 45 – square meter two bathroom can be built, one bathroom inside parent bedroom and one bedroom outside kids bedroom.

Open House Plan

Small house floor plan on 60 – 80 square meter area is biggest options here. Here can be built up to three bedrooms. On 60 – 70 square meter, this house building is still built with one floor, but 75 – 80 square meter is possible to build small house with loft. Options for small house with loft here are one bedroom on first floor and two bedrooms on loft or two bedrooms on first floor and one bedroom on second floor. It’s free to choose each of these options.


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    I would like a floor plan for a holiday home – 3 bedroom with a garage – about 80-90 square metres

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