3 Plant Types To Beautify Garden

Ornamental Cherry Tree Varieties

There are three plant types can be planted to beautify garden. These plants are ornamental trees, ornamental grass and dwarf fruit trees. Some trees are purely for beautifying and other trees are for beautifying and can produce fruits. Ornamental cherry trees are one of most popular ornamental trees category. There are wide range of cherry variety. Besides cherry, some beautiful trees such as crabapple, crape myrtle, dogwood, fringe, magnolia, redbud, empress, alder, hawthorn and hornbeam are beautiful to be planted. Before planting, learn first its character to make sure that they will grow well on the garden. Determine soil condition, fertilizer, watering and other important factor.

Ornamental Cherry Trees

Besides ornamental cherry threes, ornamental grasses are favorite trees choice. Some ornamental grass such as blue oat gras, blue fescue, fountain grass, feather reed grass, japanese forest grass, indian grass, japanese blood grass, pampas grass and switch grass are very beautiful choice. It can be planted on cluster model. The same types are planted on the same location. These ornamental grasses have different color and appearance. Plant these threes seem give color for garden. To make focus this trees, around these trees can be given garden edging material.

Ornamental Cherry Trees Types

Dwarf fruit trees are versatile trees. It can be planted on outdoor or indoor. If we like indoor garden, these dwarf fruit trees are good choice. It can be bought with affordable price and it’s less maintaining. Some dwarf fruit trees such as apple, pear, cherry, plum and mango are good to beautify and we can take its fruits when harvest season come.

Ornamental Cherry Tree Varieties

Each of those plants have different advantage and weakness. If we look for plant to beautify, but it can also bring shade, ornamental cherry trees are good choices. It has a lot of leafs and flowers to make shade. Some ornamental cherry varieties such as prunus accolade, prunus fragrant cloud, prunus kiku shidare zakura, prunus littlepink, prunus pandora, prunus shirofugen are very pretty look.

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