3 Secrets To Renovate Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

There’s term that small is beautiful, but decorate small room will not be easy until we find smart way. The same principle can be practiced when we will renovate small bathroom. There are three ideas to renovate it. These three small bathroom renovation ideas are cleanliness, concise and  focal point. These are great secrets. Starting from cleanliness. Small bathroom with dirt condition will be looked crowded, besides that it will not be comfortable. To create cleanliness condition, it can be done in many ways. Choosing light color as color theme is important. White color as color for bathroom wall, ceramic floor, bathtub, shower curtain and bathroom vanity will create clean impression. Besides that its bathroom cleanliness must be kept every time.

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Second secret is concise. All of bathroom appliances must be arranged in concise way. If possible, they are arranged in L shape. L shape is better than U shape. L shape give more free space than U shape. This free space will give spacious impression for this small bathroom. Create free space is one of great small bathroom renovation ideas. To make concise and tidy, when buying bathroom appliances, its dimension must be adapted with bathroom dimension.  Don’t buy big size bathroom appliances if our bathroom dimension is small.

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Third secret is focal point. This is clever trick to create spacious impression. If cleanliness and concise are direct trick, focal point is not direct trick. It’s for changing people attention from its bathroom dimension. Clever trick to do it by putting exotic flower, such as rose, orchid or jasmine on beautiful vase, then put it on bathroom vanity or other place. This flower will attract attention, so people will not give attention anymore to this small bathroom.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Other trick to move people attention is by installing picture on the wall or beautiful mirror above bathroom vanity. Other ideas we can explore. They key factor here is to move people attention. But don’t put or install too much stuffs for this purpose. Too much stuffs will make this bathroom is felt crowded.

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