3 Ways For Tiling A Bathroom Floor

Tiling A Bathroom Floor Toilet

There are three ways for tiling a bathroom floor with different purposes. These ways are standard, diagonal and cheap. Standard is common way. This is normally bathroom floor. Ceramic is installed on normally position. Variation is on color, ornament and ceramic size. To make cheerful atmosphere, choose ceramic with light color and floral theme. Ceramic size adapts with bathroom, size. If this bathroom small, install small ceramic size, and big ceramic size for big bathroom. There are two ceramic types, first for floor and second for wall. Ceramic for wall to protect wall from water.

Tiling A Bathroom Floor

Second way of tiling a bathroom floor is installing ceramic on diagonal arrangement. It’s trick to create spacious impression for small bathroom. It’s unique way. Small bathroom can be decorated in this way. Floor size and bathroom size will be looked more spacious by installing ceramic on diagonal arrangement. This trick can be combined with light color theme choice for ceramic, wall, shower curtain, window with white blurry glass and arrange all bathroom furniture and appliances in L shape.

Tiling Small Bathroom Floor

Third way is a way for tiling a bathroom floor in cheap price. The solution for this purpose can be done by installing linoleum. Linoleum is versatile material. It’s fit to be installed on room with high traffic people, such as on bathroom, kitchen and public facility. It’s easy to be installed. It’s cheap. Easy to be replaced and changed with other model when we feel bored or want create new atmosphere. It can be installed above concrete and wood floor. It’s scratch and water resistant. And there are many style choices on the store.

Tiling A Bathroom Floor Toilet

Whatever tiling material and way for installing, it must be harmonized with the whole bathroom interior style. Select the right color and ornament theme on this tiling. When we will work tiling a bathroom floor, think first what prioritize on tiling choice.

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