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Are you feel bored with your outdoor view and your neighbor ? And do you want new atmosphere to leave it bored situation? So you need a portable home. By portable home, people can go to other place, stay there for several time and living normally such as on a home. On last time, if people go anywhere, they must rent a room. With this portable home, it’s not needed anymore. There are four benefits of portable home. These benefits are less space, less budget, freedom sensation and simple living. We can buy ready made and then it will be delivered into our home or just buy plan and then build it follow its instructions.

Portable Home

First benefit is less space. This portable home has dimension very small. It will not spend spacious area to put it. It can be put it anywhere without difficulty. To bring it anywhere, people can attract it with car. This portable home is completed with wheels. When we feel bored or want to fulfill holiday time, this portable home is good partner.

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Second benefit is less budget. This portable home can be gotten with affordable price. If we have no skill to build it, just buy ready made. But if we have ability to build it, it can save money until half of its price. Just buy its plan and follow step by step instruction there. It’s fit for holiday home, but it’s also fit for people without having a home. To buy or build permanent home needs a lot of money, besides that it must have land first if they want to build a home. Portable is solution for people without having land. By this portable home, they can live anywhere.

Portable Home Pictures

Third benefit is feeling freedom sensation. Living anywhere freely give freedom sensation such as adventurer. Especially stay on open space area far from city, it gives new experience. Besides that, when feel bored with one place, just leave it and go anywhere again. It’s freedom. Last benefit is simple living. Living in portable home is living in simple home, because there are not many furniture and appliances they can bring. It’s free them from complexity and complicated. Free from this means healthier and less stress.

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