5 Cool Ideas For Teenage Girls Room Decorating

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There are unlimited creation to get fantastic ideas to decorate teenage girls room. It is more challenge than decorating room for kids, because teenage girls are older than kids but younger than adult people. They are in middle position. They have not totally leave kids living, but they start to learn living like adult people. So, the right formulation decorating is funny but not childish. Here are five room decorating ideas for teenage girls room. These ideas are pink stripe, tropical theme, Atlantis island, beautiful garden and classroom situation.

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First room decorating idea for teenage girls room is pink stripe theme. Pink is the most favorite color for girls. It works well for kids and teenage girls. Paint wall with plain pink is good, but create decorate wall with pink stripe is more art look and pretty. So, how this pretty pink is made? Simply, there are three ways to do it. Here they are: faux painting kits, stencil and wallpaper. Vertical pink stripe in bright colors are able provide cheerful for girls. This vertical pink stripe also able make ceiling seem higher. This pink stripe can be apply on wall, curtain and bedding sets.

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Second room decorating idea for lovely teenage girls are transforming this room like room on tropical region, where there are ocean water, seagull, clam, shell, beach sand, shiny sun, coconut and banana trees and people surfing on the sea. This room will be bright and full of cheerful atmosphere. Perfect for active teenage girls.

Small Room Decorating

Third idea is taking story about Atlantis island story. It will bring teenage girls seem experiencing journey into very famous lost city. For girls who read book and watching movie about adventure and journey theme, this theme will fulfill their imagination.

Fourth idea is bringing fresh beautiful garden atmosphere into teenage girls room. It’s perfect for feminine and teenage girls who like gardening and flowers. Transform wall become flowers painting, posters and pictures gallery. Red rose, white orchid, tulip, lilac and lavender are few examples pretty flowers. Also put fresh flower on clear glass vase over cabinet near bed.

Fifth idea is bringing classroom situation on their room. It has two purposes. First to decorate with school and education theme and second to make girls love study. It fulfills aesthetic and educated purposes.

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