5 Ideas To Decorate Small Family Room

Family Room Design Ideas

Is your family room small? Do you want to make it look larger, higher, funny and comfortable for your family. So, be smart and be creative when decorating it. Smart tricks can help it. Small family room doesn’t mean crowded, narrow and stuffy if we can organize it well. Utilizing lighting, color, simple decoration and create funny atmosphere at your family room. Decorate with this concept will not change fundamentally and structurally your living room. It just clever tips to fool eyes. When looking for at some pictures of family room decorating ideas, we will get similar ideas than we can applied into our family room.

Pictures Of Family Room Decorating Ideas

First trick that we get from some pictures of family room decorating ideas is utilizing the power of mirror. Mirror is very useful element at home. Besides for running the main function, it can also be used to make brighter and create illusion at decorating. For small room, mirror presence is very crucial. It can make it seems to be double. And it can brightening room by reflecting light from electric lamp and natural light from outside. The right placement of mirror can maximize its ability to make bigger small room.

Small family Room Decorating Ideas Pictures

Second trick from some  pictures of family room decorating ideas is restricting decorating maximum up to three colors. Too much colors are not good idea for small room. Restricting colors amount, maximum three, especially only use light color, it can help to create larger room impression. On this small room, dark color can still be used, by we have to restrict its portion. Just use to create accent wall.

Family Room Design Ideas


Third trick is painting ceiling with lighter color than wall. It can make this ceiling look higher. White is common color for ceiling, because no other color that is lighter than white. This higher impression can be made increased again by installing taller curtain. Taller curtain with horizontal line ornament is perfect for small room with low ceiling. Do it the same on the wall. Some wall decorating technique like faux painting can be used.

Fourth trick is keeping minimalist everything. Give free space on small family room. Restrict amount of furniture on small room. Furniture with simple line style is fit for small room. Besides it make easier when arranging and organizing, it also maximize efficiency of space usage.

Fifth trick is creating funny atmosphere at small family room. Small room doesn’t mean always bored if it is seen funny. Refresh again how floor look like. Change color and arrangement style. It will dramatically change how people feel it. Do you like chess? Chess table is good inspiration to makeover floor. Make floor like chess table. Install the same color ceramic on diagonal position. Now, we will feel like walking on chess table. Be creative, it is not always black and white, even ceramic with ornament is good.

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