5 Lessons From Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Video

Tumbleweed Tiny House Co Shafer

Watching tumbleweed tiny house company video, there is new consciousness. At least there are five lessons that we get from their video. These lessons are simple living style, eco friendly environment, healthier, less stress and freedom living sensation. This is new alternative lifestyle on this modern era. Tiny house presence is rapidly growing. For many purposes, people like it. It can be solution for people that want to own house, but with very small budget. And with this tiny house, they don’t necessary to buy land, if they choose portable tiny house. They can live anywhere they like.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Video

On this tumbleweed tiny house company video, we see simple layout, less furniture and appliances. This condition make people to live in simple living style. They cannot install home entertainment, refrigerator and home office. Living in simple style has advantages to make free mind from complicated and confusing task and problem. It means more happiness and less stress.

Tumbleweed Tiny Home

As we see on tumbleweed tiny house company video, the main material of this tiny house is wood. It means eco friendly environment. It can reduce chemical material influence such as on other building material. And with less appliances here, it means less electromagnetic field pollution that can cause headache and increase stress. Besides that, usually people when buying tiny house, either portable house or non portable house, will put it on natural environment. Living on this area is healthier than living on big city. This environment is still more clean and pure from pollutions.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Co Shafer

And last lesson is feeling freedom living sensation, specially if determining living on portable house. Going visit anywhere is really pleasant. Wherever they stay, they will feel free. Different living on big city hat is full of regulation. Here they can feel such as living on the past, where there are not complicated problem around them.

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