5 Steps For Decorating Boys Rooms

White Decorating Boys Rooms

Decorating boys rooms will be easier if we do it step by step. Make plan first to make everything will be systematically. There is not significantly difference between decorating room for boys and girls. The differences are on theme and color preference. Generally, boys and girls room have similar principle. Fife steps to decorate boys rooms are choose theme, select paint color, select furniture, arrange furniture and add accessory.

Decorating Boys Rooms

First step is choosing theme. There are many interesting theme ideas for decorating boys rooms. These ideas can be taken from movie, toy, story, hobby and so on. To make sure, we get the right choice, ask boys to discuss about it. What theme that they like? How do their rooms will be decorated? However, they will use it so let them to tell what they think and like.

Decorating Boys Rooms Pictures

Second step is selecting paint color. For boys, colors choice are more than girls. For girls, usually use white, pink and purple. Boys can use white, blue, green, orange, brown, grey and so on. Asking them, what are their favorite colors?

White Decorating Boys Rooms

Third step for decorating boys rooms are selecting furniture. Every theme sometime come with certain furniture design. For example, speed boat theme has bed with boat shape, car racing theme has bed with car shape and so on.

Fourth step is arranging furniture. These furniture must be arranged in concise way, so it will give residual space for playing. Every boys like playing, so area for playing is important. Also preparing several storage places for storing boys toys. These storage places will make sure this room is looked tidy. These storage places can be put under bed, near wardrobe and so on.

Fifth step is adding accessory. Accessory here is to complete this decoration. Including accessories are bedding, blanket, pillow, poster, table lamp, white board, stencil, sticker, rug and so on.

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