6 Room Ideas For Adults Bedroom

Room Ideas For Teenagers

Bedroom is personal room for everybody. So, whatever theme will be chosen to decorate this bedroom, it must be fit with taste, personality and age. Decorating boys bedroom is different with girls bedroom. And we have to distinguish decorating for kids, teenager and adults. Here are six interesting room ideas for adults bedroom. These themes are  romantic theme, tropical paradise theme, gothic theme, masculine theme, future theme and art theme.

Room Ideas For Adults

First room ideas for adults theme is romantic theme. It’s perfect for young couple. To do it, install romantic photos on the wall, decorate wall with love message such as “Love Is Wonderful Thing”, put chandelier lamp, give room with romantic room perfume, put red rose on vase above cabinet, install poster from romantic movie, turn on music player with romantic music and so on.

Bedroom Ideas For Adults

Second room ideas for adults theme is tropical paradise theme. Every young men and girls like sunbathing on beach. This beach atmosphere can be good idea to decorate adult bedroom. Few examples to decorate bedroom with this theme are decorating wall with beach picture decal, bedding sets with coral, starfish and clam pictures, aquarium with salt water and sea fishes and so on.

Room Ideas For Teenagers

Third theme idea is gothic theme. Do you like dark color? If the answer is yes, so dark gothic theme is yours.  To do it, painting wall with dark purple, hanging chandelier lamp above bed, bedding sets with velvet blanket and dark red pillow, installing big oval mirror and so on.

Fourth theme is masculine theme. It’s fit for men. Everything than can reflect masculine character can be used, for example, several advertising posters from Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Versace are good. Art furnishing stuffs with Harley Davidson and Ducati shape are good. Room perfume with masculine character is perfect to build masculine atmosphere on this bedroom.

Fifth theme is future theme. Usually adult people have plan for their future living. Planning about career, family and lifestyle are good source to be explored. Here, this bedroom can be decorated with poster about father and son on garden, man on office, man drive Ferrari and so on.  This future theme is good to create positive spirit and goal for adult people to reach their dream.

Fifth theme is art theme. This bedroom can be transformed become such as art painting gallery room. Here, some reproduction oil paintings or posters version from great painters such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Renoir, Salvador Dali, Monet, Picasso and so on are used to decorate this bedroom wall.

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