7 Cheap House Decorating Ideas

House Painting Ideas

Finding cheap house decorating ideas are important, especially if we like changing house decorating several times regularly. These eight ideas to decorate house can be done in low budget. These ideas are using curtain, color, used furniture, bookshelves, seating, side table and green plant. If we can do it good, it will get good result. So, don’t miss these information.

House Decorating Ideas

First house decorating ideas are curtains. Fabric curtain can be bought in cheap price, because this is mass product. Nowadays, many designs and styles of fabric curtains are available on the store. For small room, simple style is the right choice. For big room, it’s more flexible to choose curtain.

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Second house decorating ideas are colors. The right colors choice can produce different impression and illusion. Small space and low ceiling can be handled with white and light color. Whatever atmosphere of a room will be created, it will always need colors to realize it. Dou you want to feel relax, fresh, creative or active? There are certain colors are associated with those feeling. So, colors have multi functions, for beautifying room, handling certain problem and creating certain atmosphere.

House Painting Ideas

Third idea is decorating room with used furniture. Several good furniture can be bought on ex-export store. Usually these furniture are sold under market price. This is great opportunity for us. To make match with room interior, these furniture can be repainted again.

Fourth idea is bookshelves. Bookshelves is general furniture for organizing books collection. It’s cheap, easy installation and look good. Besides for organizing books and decorating room, this homeowner will be looked well educated by showcasing his book collections.

Fifth idea is installing seating. This seating can be multifunction furniture. It can be used to store anything. Above it, we can put thick mattress. Put it under window, now this seating become good window cushion seat.

Sixth idea is installing side table. Similar with seating, this side table runs more than one duties. Besides for storing any stuffs, we can decorate room by putting photo and artwork above it.

Seventh idea is putting indoor green plants. These plants can be taken from garden. Put it on pot and now this room will be more fresh.

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