Tips To Beautify Garden With Southwest Style

Southwest Landscape Design Ideas

Home exterior will not completely beautiful until we pay attention on garden. Beautiful home will not beautiful anymore without beautiful garden. This garden have to decorated too. Maybe we can make kids swing set, gazebo, glasshouse, fish pond, garden waterfall, plant ornamental grass or colorful flower and many other ideas. Other ideas can be explored. But, something unique can make this garden become special and impress our guest. Now, we can try to decorate our garden with Southwest landscape design. It’s unique to be applied, especially if we don’t stay on Southwest region. It doesn’t matter. Decoration is art work. It’s free to realize any ideas.

Southwest Landscape Design

Character of Southwest landscape design represent region with hot temperature. When we hear hot temperature region we will imagine desert, cactus and stone. Exactly, Southwest landscape design transform desert atmosphere into garden. So, what interesting of this desert atmosphere on garden? It will interesting by combining some elements here. Cactus and desert grass are special Southwest plant. It must be there. Stone or rock can be arranged to form garden waterfall. It will be balancer for hot temperature atmosphere. While other part is felt hot, here is felt cold. It can be good element here.

Southwest Landscape Pictures

Ornamental grass can be planted on several places in cluster way. The same type in certain place. Between these grass cluster, we can put sand, stone or rock. It’s better if we build fence from red brick or wood. If this fence from wood, keep this wood in natural way to show its natural texture. Don’t paint this wood. It will eliminate this beautiful texture. It’s better to coat this wood with melamine. On this fence, in front of home, we can install Southwest door style. It can complete this atmosphere. Exterior home, will be good if painted in orange color. This orange represent hot temperature region. It’s perfect for bringing  Southwest landscape design style.

Southwest Landscape Design Ideas

To maintain this garden, don’t forget to make good water channel system. Regularly, this garden must be given water. To show this Southwest style on the night, we can install some garden lamps on several points. Before buying lamps, measure first this garden dimension to determine how many lamp and right wattage we need.

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