Tips To Choose Kids Room Paint Color

Ideas Kids Room Paint Color

Color play important role on human living. It’s not only for making a place become more interesting. More than that, a color also have itself character. Different color will transform different atmosphere. Have we ever felt difference between stay on white color room and black color room? It must be different. Color represent psychology condition. It can reflect personality people. Using right color can also stimulate people in right way as our wish. So, be careful with color choosing, especially when we will choose kids room paint color for our kids bedroom. The right color will bring positive influence for their mind and emotion.

Kids Room Paint Color


Usually there are difference preference on boys and girls bedroom. Boys represent masculine character and girls represent feminine character. Put boys on bedroom with purple or pink as color theme or girls on bedroom with blue as color theme are not right. Pink means romantic and tranquility. It’s more fit for girls than boys. For boys, the right color are blue, green, yellow and orange. While purple and pink are the right color for girls. Light and soft color is better than dark color. For example, light and soft blue is better than dark blue. This is first kids room paint color principle we should know.

Kids Bedroom Paint Color

Then this color choosing is applied on all of bedroom furniture and stuffs. For example, on boys bedroom, his bed is completed with bedding, blanket and pillow cover in blue color. Wall is also painted in blue. If we will install printing picture, we can install blue color frame for this picture. Wall clock is also chosen in blue color. Here, blue as dominating color. Other color can be used as complement color. For example, we can install wardrobe or table in white color. The existing of complement color will make this bedroom more attractive. Apply only one color will make this room is looked monotonous. This  kids room paint color can also applied on theme choosing.

Ideas Kids Room Paint Color

How to apply a theme on bedroom is easy. On the store we will find so many bedroom stuffs in various design, style and color. For example, bedroom stuffs with sport theme can come in several color. So, if this bedroom use blue as color theme, this sport theme if it will be chosen must be in blue theme. The same principle can be realized on girls bedroom from color choosing until theme choosing. Some boys themes ideas are basket, soccer, racing car, batman and spider man. And girls themes ideas are doraemon, Barbie and teddy bear.

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