Tips To Choose Tiny House

Modern Tiny House Design

If we look at Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company, we will find that all of tiny houses are made with wood as main material. Almost all of tiny houses have similar design, except popomo. Popomo is one of portable house that has rectangle shape. Now we can find many various tiny houses. Modern tiny house uses various materials, not only wood. They use fiber glass, aluminum, synthetic material and so on. And they have various designs. Some of them have ultra modern designs. There is one type that can be folded and entered into bag. It’s such as tent.

Modern Tiny House

Similar with tiny house from Jay Shafer company, there are modern tiny house that can be attracted by car and there are some types that is built on car. The last type is more movable than first type. It’s more concise. We can call it as versatile car. Car for transportation and car for living. We are not necessary to attract anything, because this tiny house is on car. Usually this tiny house is built by modifying a car.

Modern Tiny House On Wheels

If we like modern style, modern tiny house is fit for us. But if we prioritize on mobility, modern tiny house with car machine is right choice. If we like to feel close to nature, tiny house type from Jay Shafer company is best choice. This tiny house make us feel stay on real house, but in small size. Besides that, this tiny house is commonly tiny house design.

Modern Tiny House Design

The advantage of modern tiny house than tiny house from Jay Shafer company is this modern tiny house has many various designs. It can be used as secondary house, portable house and store on the street. If we sell something from one place into other place every day, modern tiny house is good. It can to be used to display merchandise. Just modify room interior and prepare some racks to organize merchandise.

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