Tips To Decorate Boys Bedroom With Nautical Theme

Pottery Barn Sailboat Bed

Decorate kids bedrooms are always bedroom. There are a lot of theme choices we can explore. If we like nautical theme, it can be chosen to be boys bedroom theme. First idea to create it, is installing speed boat bed. This is bed with speed boat shape. This bed can be completed with screen, flag and steering toy. It will be looked like the real speed boat. Then bedding, blanket and pillow cover with nautical theme can be added. On the store, these theme can be found in many color choices. For boys bedroom, nautical theme with blue, green, yellow and orange colors are good choices.

Speed Boat Bed

Second idea besides speed boat bed is installing nautical wall clock. Choose nautical wall clock with modern style. Nautical wall clock with steering or anchor shape are good to be installed. This wall clock is installed on the wall. Besides install this clock, we can also install pictures about ship and ocean  fish. Pictures from movie about ship such as Titanic can be good alternative. Other idea is installing flag ship on the wall.

Speed Boat Sailboat Bed

Third idea is putting ship toys. This toy can be put near speed boat bed on cabinet. This toy can be made from wood, copper or synthetic material. Other good place to put this toy is on ceiling. Several small ship toys on circle positions on ceiling will be good sight when boys will sleep. It will be better if these toys can move in circle movement. It’s more dramatic view.

Pottery Barn Sailboat Bed

Fourth idea is installing lamp. Undoubtedly, lamp is important decoration element on bedroom. Hanging lamp, standing lamp and table lamp can be decorated with this nautical theme. Table lamp with cap is right lamp to be chosen. Choose cap with nautical theme decoration. This table lamp is also be sleeping lamp. Last idea is putting rugs or carpet with nautical theme decoration. Rugs with shape picture or flag picture can be good element to complete this theme on bedroom.

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