Tips To Decorate Girls Bedroom With Pink

Girls Bedroom Ideas Pink

Pink is favorite color for girls. This is romantic color. Every girls like it. It’s widely used to decorate girls bedroom. There are several colors that can be combines with pink such as white, light green, light blue, light grey and light yellow. Simple beautiful girls bedroom pink can be created by only combining pink and white as main colors. There are various colors of pink that we can explore. Let’s started from wall. These all wall sides can be painted with pink, or we can make accent by painting one side with dark pink. Other possibility is painting one side with pink and other sides with white. It wil make this bedroom is looked brighter.

Beautiful Girls Bedroom Pink

Bed and wardrobe are important furniture on this beautiful girls bedroom pink. Bed can be painted with white,  pink or combination white and pink. Then complete this bed with bedding, blanket and pillow. If this bed is painted with light pink, so choose dark pink for bedding, blanket for pillow. It’s for giving variation.

Girls Bedroom Pink Paint Ideas

Wardrobe will be looked beautiful if it’s painted with white and pink combination. For example, front side is painted with pink the left side and right side are painted with white. To store books can be put on white rack. Beside bed can be put white cabinet. Above it can be put table lamp with pink cap. It’s great for this beautiful girls bedroom pink. If this cabinet is pink, then table lamp with pink cap is good.

Girls Bedroom Ideas Pink

To decorate floor, it can be put dark pink rug. White ceramic floor with dark pink rug will create good combination. Window can be decorated with white or pink curtain. Either white or pink curtain are good. If we want this bedroom is looked brighter, white is good choice, but to show romantic atmosphere, pink is better choice. Then this bedroom can be completed with photo and mirror. These photo and mirror can be given frame with white or pink.

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