Tips To Decorate Small Family Room

Ideas Decorating Family Room

Family room is special room for family. Here we can gather all of family members. This is place for watching TV, listening music, doing fun activity and hobby, kids play toys and so on. Don’t make small family room size reduce your family happiness. Take action to make some changes if possible. Principle to decorate small family room is making lighter, remove clutter and keep everything look simple and well organized. Decorating your family room with these ways will get good result.

Decorating Your Family Room

First decorating your family room tip is installing window blind. It has purpose to control light intensity from outside. Natural light presence for small room is really important. It will make it brighter without paying anything. It is free source. Window blind is flexible to control it. If sun light is felt hot, reducing entering light by narrowing window blind holes.

Decorating Your Family Room Ideas

Second tip for decorating your family room is installing several big mirrors on this room. If these installations are on good positions, it can help to make this room brighter. Avoid installing on position where light will reflect into eyes.

Ideas Decorating Family Room

Third tip is installing flat TV screen on the wall. Flat TV screen is right for small room, because this design is sleek, reduce space to put it. It can be put on the wall on TV stand. TV is versatile stuff. We can watching movie, listening music, following news and so on from TV. It can runs several duties.

Fourth tip is buying multifunction coffee table. This is coffee table with racks to store anything, drinking coffee and for playing games, such as chess and card. It runs three duties with one furniture.

Fifth tip is installing bright carpet on this small family room. Bright carpet can help to make brighter this room. Similar with multifunction coffee table, carpet is versatile stuff. Kids can play on it, reading book and drinking coffee sit on carpet and so on.

Sixth tip is selecting accessories that will not spend a lot of spaces. Poster and photos on wall are good. On the corner, we can put candle on its holder to increase warm impression for his family room.

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