Tips To Find Idea Of Simple House Design

Simple Room Designs

Usually a small house has two or three bedrooms and simple small house has only two bedrooms. This house is fit for young couple or small family with one or two kids. Depended on their land size, this simple house design with two bedrooms can be built on one floor house or house with loft. Some rooms arrangements can be explored. If this house is built without loft, all of bedrooms are placed here. Usually one bedroom as master bedroom with bigger dimension and other bedroom is smaller than master bedroom. Master bedroom is for parent and other bedroom for kids.

Simple House Design With Two Bedrooms

On this simple house without loft can be built one or two bathrooms. If only one bathroom, it’s placed outside bedroom. It’s used for all of family member. If there are two bathroom, one bathroom is built inside master bedroom and other bathroom is built outside kids bedroom. This outside bathroom can be used for kids and parent. One inside bathroom and one outside bathroom are commonly bathroom plan on simple house design with two bedrooms.

Simple Bedroom Designs

Other type is simple house design with two bedrooms with loft. On the same land dimension, simple house with loft will have more rooms. Here, master bedroom is built on first floor. Other space can be used as laundry room. Kids bedroom is built on loft. Here bathroom can be built inside or outside bedroom. Other space on loft can be used for storage place.

Simple Room Designs

If this land dimension is small, laundry room on first floor and storage place on second floor can be eliminated. One important thing on house with loft is construction. This construction is different with house without loft. Building loft is not only about adding room above first floor. This construction must be stronger, because this building structure hold load heavier than house without loft.

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