Tips To Find Small House Design Idea

Small Houses Floor Plans

Read book, magazine and surfing internet to find photos of small houses are easy way to get small house design idea. Common people and even professional architect use this method to find new idea. Specially for common people, it will be useful helping source. Several data that we need are land dimension, room number, with or without loft and house architecture style. These four factors can be used as filters to select all of photos of small houses that we are looking for. Find and pick several photos that close to these criteria.

Photos Of Small Houses

Land dimension is first factor. However, land dimension and land shape will restrict house floor plan that we will build. Note length and width of this land dimension. Then find house floor plan from photos of small houses. If we don’t want to get many troublesome, select house floor plan that this size can be applied on our land. By this selecting way, we are not necessary to modify it. But maybe, use this way is not always easy. Difficult to get the best one that match with requirement without modification. The best way is to get the best one that almost close with requirement and criteria.

Small Houses Design

Room number is the next factor. Room number is determined from amount of family members. Big family need more rooms than small family. Besides room number, room size is also considered. But room size is more flexible. The most important is finding the right room number with its arrangement or position. Then if necessary, this room size can be modified. From photos of small houses, find that fit with criteria.

Small Houses Floor Plans

These all of rooms can be built on one floor or more than one floor depended on how wide its land. So, with or without loft is next factor. A small house can be built with or without loft. If they need more rooms, but they are restricted by limited land size, so loft is solution for them. Use loft as next filter to select small house design.

Last factor is house architecture style. Actually this is additionally factor and less important then other factors, because house architecture style is only style, how this house will be looked later. Room number, room arrangement, room size and loft are related with house functions.

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