Tips To Get The Best Pop Design For Bedroom

Best Bedroom Decorating

Every kids like playing everywhere, including on bedroom. Every kids look the world from happiness side. For them, world is place for playing. No sadness and confusing problems for them. Every day is new day for playing. The best pop design for bedroom concept is developed from world kids. Many colors are blended together to make cheerful. Bright colors are essential factors on kids bedroom decoration. So, don’t be doubt  to make interesting visual look from kids bedroom.

Best Pop Design For Bedroom

Asking them what are their favorite colors. Then using it to decorate bedroom. Colorful bedding sets that fit with their favorite colors will be great place to rest, sleep and reading book. Also apply their colors choice into table lamp, curtain, rug, carpet, poster, sticker and so on. Be creative to explore colors combination. Beside creative we have to give attention on flexibility. Kids can be easy to change their mind following new trends. Choose decoration that is easy for replacement. For example,  poster and photo on the wall are easy to be replaced than mural. If we want decorate wall, sticker and stencil are good option.

Pop Design Bedroom Ceiling

The next task to create the best pop design fir bedroom using popular kids character, icon or symbol. Some popular cartoon like Spongebob, Dora the Explorer, Cinderella, Toy Story and Tinkerbell give good ideas. Applying it on wall with sticker, stencil and poster. These kid characters will make bedroom as imagination room for them.

Best Bedroom Decorating

Accent wall can be created on kids bedroom. These walls can be painted with more than one color. For example, combine white and pink to paint wall. Wall with pink will be accent wall. Other creative idea is using cork and then cut to form kids name. Use adhesive to attach it on the wall. This cork can also be formed into butterfly, bird, flower and so on.

Colorful furniture then will complete this best pop design for bedroom. These furniture colors must be fit with their favorite colors to make them happy. If we will look for great ideas about colorful and exclusive furniture design, take a look on Karim Rashid decoration. He is great man on room interior decorating.

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