Tips To Modify Trailer Home Designs

Trailer House Plans

Usually trailer home designs are looked monotonous. It’s designed like tiny house but with bigger size. With this more spacious room, it give us more comfortable and flexibility to decorate it. It’s more comfortable but less portable. With few tips, this trailer home design can be modified become more modern. Before doing it, prepare paper and pencil. It’s better if we master home design software. Draw first its layout, 3 D perspective, front side view, left side view, right side view and back side view. It’s free to determine whether this layout will be changed or not, or we only redesign its exterior, because from one layout, we can develop many home exterior. Which one will be chosen is determined by many factors, such as budget and technical factor.

Trailer Home Designs

First task is redesign its wall. Some trailer home designs have more modern design, but most trailer home designs are designed like classic home. Bow we will make some changing. Window is important element on small home, including here on trailer home. Now make bigger this window. Create several big windows here with clear glass. These windows later will help to make brighter this trailer home with natural light. Then this window is decorated with big curtain. Thin fabric with bright ornament design is good as curtain material.

Trailer Home Decorating

Second task is redesign roof. Usually some trailer home designs have triangle shape. It’s good, but it’s looked ordinary. To make it more modern, it can be made on other triangle shape. If on common trainer home, this triangle roof is designed with angle under 90 degree for every side, so on this modern roof, one roof side is designed with angle 90 degree. There are four tilt possibilities for this. It can be tilt to left, right, front and back. But, tilt to front or back are better than to left and right.

Trailer House Plans

Other roof design is making this roof become flat like modern home where its roof is flat without roof tile. It makes this trailer home is looked modern. Besides that building with this roof model is easier than other model. Other roof design can explored by our self.


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