Tips To Plan Blue Room For Girls

Blue Room Decorating Ideas

Actually, blue is common color to decorate boys room, but this color is also good for girls room, by giving feminine touching. Now we will explore blue room ideas for girls. Room with blue is felt shady, calm and peaceful. So, this blue can be interesting color alternative beside pink and purple for girls room. Three secrets below: technique, decorative blue and mural using will work good to create blue room.

Blue Room Ideas For Girls

First blue room ideas for girls room are implementing the right technique to decorate. This is first secret. Several ways to implement blue: soft blue, bright blue and bold blue. Soft blue if we want to feel relax in room, bright blue if we want to create bigger impression for small room and bold room on certain wall side if we want to create accent wall. Besides that, wall can be painted with neutral color and then blue is implemented on bedding, pillow, curtain, rug and so on. This neutral color implementation will keep this blue become character to this room.

Blue Room Decorating Ideas

Second secret to create blue room ideas for girls are creating decorative design with blue. Implementation of blue is not limited on painting on plain and bold blue, but we can create stripe, dot, pattern, motive and other creative creation with blue. One of good tool to do it is using faux painting kits. Applying this tool is easy for everybody. We can keep room is blue and make it art look on the same time.

Girls Blue Bedroom Ideas

Third secret of blue implementation is using mural. Decorating room with mural is like use wall as canvas for painters. Girls room wall can be painted with beach atmosphere with blue sea water, blue sky and ship with blue screen. Other good objects to be chosen are flowers, lake, butterfly and fish. If we have no experience to decorate with mural, as alternative we can use stencil. Applying stencil is easier than mural. We just use roller and screen printing to decorate wall. There has been certain ornament on screen printing.

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