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Lighting is important element on home both indoor and outdoor. Lamp has several functions. Beside for  lighting room, it’s also for decorating room. Beautiful room interior will be perfect by well lighting planning. It should better when designing home floor plans to make lighting plan together. Preparing first lighting support. Big home needs bigger electric power than small home and need more lamps number than small home. Likewise big garden need bigger electric power and lamps number than small garden. Identify first where these lamps will be installed both indoor and outdoor location.

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There are many types of lamps, including here color, wattage, design, durability and type. On home floor plans, identify first how many rooms on home and places that need lamp. Lamps are not only installed on the room. Some places need to be installed lamp for security purpose. For example, stairway needs lamp. These lamps can be installed on wall around stairway or on ceiling above stairway. Lamps with lower wattage is fit for this stairway. Basement need lamps. Lamps here are not only for brightening this room, but also for warming to prevent from mildew growth.

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On bedroom, at least there are two lamp types, these are lamp for reading and sleeping. Lamp for reading has higher wattage than for sleeping. White is commonly lamp color for reading. While lamps for sleeping has several color choices. Blue, green, orange, yellow are favorite colors. The right lighting planning on home floor plans will guide us to do it well.

Luxury Home Floor Plans

On living room, the main function of lighting is for beautify this room. Here aesthetic of lamp is important. Beautiful crystal hanging lamp is really good for living room. Lamp for outdoor has function for brightening and beautify garden on the night time. Several indoor lamps can be functioned as outdoor lamp. Function aspect is more important than its design for outdoor lamp.

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