Tips To Select The Right Small House Models

Small Home Designs

Small house with dimension under 1500 square feet can be comfortable house if this house fulfill several conditions. Here few tips to get the best one. Select small house models that have no permanent wall border between living room and kitchen. It has function to create spacious impression. Wall border presence will make this small house is looked smaller. Then if we want to separate between these rooms to get privacy, we can give non permanent border. A partition can be put here. It’s better to restrict its partition height.

Small House Models

These small house models also have window with proper size on each room. This window has function to pass fresh air and natural light to make fresh and brightening this small house. Besides that we also have to give attention on its wall height. Higher ceiling will make this house is looked loose. If this ceiling is lower, then we can solve it with several smart ways, for example installing stripped wallpaper and lamp with upward lighting direction.

Small Home Models

Exterior is important on these small house models. Beautiful exterior will make us comfortable and happy to stay here. No matter what type of this house architecture, it has to be looked good. It will give positive impression.

Then completing this small house with the right furniture arranging and organizing. Select the right color and size furniture, the right color for wall and so on.

Small Home Designs

This small house will be good if it has enough yard around it. This yard can be functioned as garden. Small house without garden will be looked stuffy. Beautiful garden will give freshness to this house. So, planting green plants and flowers are good here.  If this small house are built on big city, it’s better if planting several plants that have ability to absorb pollution from air.

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