2 Special Colors For Bedding

Blue Silver Bedding

Undoubtedly that colors play important role on human living. There are relationship between color with mood, emotion, sense and consciousness level. Certain color can effect on mood, and certain mood condition will determine on color choosing. It’s better to start from understanding color meaning, then use it to influence emotion condition. The right color will create the right affect. To apply this color meaning concept can be started from bedroom. People spend a lot of time of their living on bedroom. So, bedroom is the right place to apply this color concept. Now, we will use blue and gold bedding to decorate bedroom.

Blue And Gold Bedding

Blue is color of sky and ocean. Blue has calm, soothing and relaxing effect. There are many type of blue color, such as blue sky, turquoise, aquamarine, indigo and so on. Blue is also represented spirituality, youth and peace. Gold represent success, health, prosperity and enjoyment. Both blue and gold color have positive meaning and ability to build positive improvement on people emotion. It’s good to install blue and gold bedding on bedroom. These color can be used alone or together. Blue bedding or gold bedding are good. We can also combine these colors on one bedding.

Blue And Gold Bedding Set

Blue and gold bedding ideas is inspired from its colors meaning. Nobody want to be poor and living in stress. Almost all people want to be rich and living happily. Gold color represent richness and wealth. Gold is worthy thing in universe. Gold from time to time has high value. It’s never experience value decreasing by inflation. Money can experience decreasing of its exchange value, but gold is not. Besides this meaning and hope, install gold bedding will make this bed is looked luxurious.

Blue Silver Bedding

Blue and gold color in one bedroom is ultimate combination. People can hope to get wealth and happy living. However, maybe exactly relationship between color and hope is debatable, but positive suggestion will produce positive effect, so it’s good to be tried.

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