3 Alternatives Of One Bedroom Home Plans

One Bedroom Cabin Plans

One bedroom home plans is fit for one person or young couple without kids. It can be built on small land area and needs less budget. There are three alternatives to build home with one bedroom. These alternatives are tiny house, little house on trailer and small house.  Most tiny house and little house on trailer have one bedroom. Small home can have bedroom up to three, but here we select only small home with one bedroom. There are two type of tiny house, first type is portable house and second type is non portable house. Portable house are completed with wheels. It can be attracted anywhere by car. But the weakness of this house type, its dimension is very small. Bedroom is placed on small loft under roof. This tiny house is fit for one person.

One Bedroom Home Plans

Second alternative is little house on trailer. Little term is used to distinguish with tiny house. Little house is bigger than tiny house. Most little house on trailer has one bedroom home plans. One of famous company than run on this business is owned by Stephen Marshall. He has many beautiful, elegance and comfortable little house. It’s bigger than tiny house, but less portable. Little house can be built with wheels or on foundation. Little house is fit for one person or small family.

One Bedroom House Plans

Third alternative of one bedroom home plans is small home. Small term is used to say that it’s bigger than tiny house and little house. It’s more loose. Most small home is not portable, because it’s too big to be brought anywhere. But it’s more comfortable. It’s ideal for small family. Besides that, it has a lot of design variations. There are hundreds designs there. It’s perfect for small family.

One Bedroom Cabin Plans

These three house types have different advantages and weakness. Tiny house is cheapest and smallest. Small house is cheaper and bigger. Little house is on between tiny house and small house. Small house has construction stronger than tiny house and little house. Home grown concept can be applied on small house, but difficult on tiny house and little house.

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