3 Benefits Of Modernist Glass

Mid Century Modern Art Glass

Modernist Glass is company that is owned by Pete and Viv Hattaway. This company focus to sell vintage glass from Murano and Scandinavian. This vintage glass is produced between 1940-1990. Murano and Scandinavian are two of the best place that produce glass art work with high quality. There are three benefits from this vintage glass. These benefits are beautiful, exclusive and it can be used as investing instrument. It’s very great art work. This glass is really beautiful. To make this art work, it needs art talent and well understanding about glass.

Modernist Glass

This art work from Modernist Glass can be used to beautify room. As a room decorating element, this glass is very good. It can be put on glass table living room, coffee table, above cabinet, above table console, bookshelves and so on. This glass has to be treated with carefully, because it’s more expensive than other art furnishing product. One piece art work glass from this company is sold between $50-%50,000.

Vintage Art Glass

This Modernist Glass product is really exclusive, because it comes from mid century era. This artwork is not produced in many numbers. Every items are limited products. So, it’s very worthy and valuable. Glass making is rare skill. Not many people can do it. It needs special talent and skill.

Mid Century Modern Art Glass

This beautiful glass can also be investing instrument, because art work glass from mid century from time to time experience rising price. So, it can be good alternative to invest. This rising price will be higher if this glass has exclusive design, limited  product, old age and on good condition. So, that this glass art work has to be maintain well. To clean it, just use water and cloth. Use smooth and soft cloth to clean it. To clean from dust can be used duster cleaner. Don’t ever use abrasive cleaner, it can damage its surface and make it dull.

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