3 Best Free Online Tools To Design Room

Ikea Living Room Planner

If we want to decorate or remodel living room, bedroom, family room or kitchen, this task will be easier if we use the right tool. Imagine and then make design by paper and pencil is good idea. Here are five tools we can try when we will design a room: Ikea Home Planner, Ikea Kitchen Planner and HomeStyler. If we are Ikea fan, Ikea Home Planner and Ikea Kitchen Planner is good tool. The first tool is categorized into Ikea room planner. It’s free, have many features. Useful tool for most people. Other tools can be tried and considered. But now we will explain about tool with real furniture brand from famous companies.

Ikea Room Planner

First tool is Ikea Home Planner. This is one of popular room interior tool from Ikea. This Ikea room planner can be used for designing, decorating a room, complete with furniture choosing. Browse from Ikea gallery to choose which furniture that we like then arrange into our virtual room on computer. This furniture information is complete with its specification. When it’s done, we can bring our design into local Ikea branch to make order. It’s simple and interesting.

Ikea Bedroom Planner

Second tool is Ikea Kitchen Planner. If the first Ikea room planner is for designing a room, this tool is for designing a kitchen. We can determine kitchen layout and then completed with furniture and appliances. Arrange them in right way. Before we find the right arrangement, we can simulate some arrangements. It will give use some ideas to find good layout. Design kitchen layout with this tool will be excitement task.

Ikea Living Room Planner

Third Tool is HomeStyler. This is one favorite tool for most people. If the first and second tool are specifically tool from Ikea, HomeStyler comes with some famous brands in the world. We can design and plan a room then complete with the real furniture from some brands. This tool is easy to be used.It has interactive interface. It’s recommended tool as Ikea room planner alternative.

There are still other good tools, such as Sweet Home 3D, FloorPlanner, SmartDraw, Design A Room and so on. These tools has each advantages and weakness. Some of them have rich features but it’s rather complicated to operate. But if we look for tool to design complete with real product gallery from the real company, Ikea room planner and HomeStyler can be tried.

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