3 Ceiling Paint Color Ideas To Beautify Ceiling

Selecting Ceiling Color

Similar with wall, ceiling can also b beautified in several ways. Of course, because of its position, it will restrict our creativity to decorate it. For example, we will meet difficulty to install art painting and wallpaper into ceiling. With some restrictions, ceiling can still be decorated. These three ceiling paint color ideas can prove it: accent ceiling, mural and stencil. Accent ceiling is simpler way and mural is most difficult way. Mural and stencil can make ceiling become art work area.

Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

First idea is creating accent ceiling. This idea is inspired from accent wall. Accent ceiling can be created by painted it with darker color than wall. It will be beautiful ceiling if we can choose the right color combination between ceiling and wall. For example, wall is painted with white and ceiling with purple or wall is painted with light brown and ceiling is painted with dark brown. By this way, ceiling will be looked striking. From several ceiling paint color ideas, creating accent ceiling is one of easiest way to be done.

Paint Ceiling Wall Color

Second idea is decorating it with mural. This idea is inspired from Gothic home architecture style. From some heritage homes, we will see that those home ceilings are decorated with mural by great painters from that era. These ceilings are painted with animal, angle, people, paradise and so on. Here, ceiling is like canvas for painters. It is medium expression for them. Compared with other ceiling paint color ideas, mural is the most difficult way.

Selecting Ceiling Color

Third idea is beautifying with stencil. It’s less simpler than mural but more difficult than creating accent ceiling. If we look for interesting stencil style for ceiling, bird and butterfly are great stencil style choice for ceiling. When we sit on chair and look at ceiling, these birds an butterflies like living animal are flying.

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    Love the stencil with the brown ceiling and white stencil. Is it available to buy or is it custom?


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