3 Design Ideas Before Building A Glass House

Build Glass Green House

If we want to buy glass house kits, on the store there are several glass house design styles there. Each design has advantage and disadvantage. Recognize first before building a glass house, because it has consequence on needed land area, plant types and aesthetic look. Several types are built as permanent glass house, while other types are portable glass house. Portable glass house is small. It’s light and it’s easy to be moved on other location. We will focus on permanent, semi permanent and bigger glass house. At least there are three types on this category. These types are traditional, barn and hexagonal glass house type.

Building A Glass House

First design is traditional glass house. It’s most popular glass house. It has design and shape like standard house with rectangle wall shape and triangle roof. It’s like a tiny house, but with glass sheet as main material and metal or wood as glass house frame. Building a glass house with this type provide advantages on space. It’s looked spacious and give flexibility when moving around inside this house. But this glass house has disadvantage. It will be costly to heat this glass house when cold season come.

Build Glass Green House

Second design is barn glass house. As its name, it’s like a barn. Building a glass house with this type give advantage on design. It’s more stylish and less rigid than traditional glass house type. Besides that, this glass house type is good for taller plants. Building this barn glass house will not need base. It’s simpler than traditional house. Similar with traditional glass house, it’s also costly to heat it, specially on cold season like winter.

Building A Greenhouse

Third type is hexagonal glass house. If we look for stylish glass house, here is best recommended.  As its name, it has roof in hexagonal shape. This glass house needs less area. It’s fit for small space. It’s good to be put on patio. It will be good decorating element there. The advantage of this type is limited space for working and plants.

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