3 Ideas To Choose Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decor

Drinking is one of favorite activity of modern human living. Drinking coffee without in special place and atmosphere are not complete. It’s so why people like to drink coffee on Star Buck or other café, even though actually then can drink on their home. If we like coffee, let’s create pleasant place to drink this special drinking. What we need is special coffee table. It’s the cheap way to create drinking coffee room by putting the right coffee table. But how do we find a good coffee table design? Here three ideas to choose it. These ideas are coffee table trunk, multi function furniture and modern coffee table with glass.

Coffee Table Design

First idea is coffee table trunk. This is one of unique coffee table design idea. This idea is inspired from trunk or suitcase. We can use ex trunk and then it’s modified become unique coffee table. Trunk with ornament is more interesting than without ornament. On top side, it can be given glass or wood. But glass is better than wood, because it can show the original of this trunk design. Ex trunk from famous designer is good to be used. It will show our social class, besides that it will be looked expensive coffee table.

Modern Coffee Table Design

Second coffee table design idea is multifunction furniture. This is versatile furniture. It’s fit for small house or room, cause it can run double functions. Inside this table, there are several racks. It can be used to store anything. Usually multifunction furniture take modern style. So, this coffee table type is fit for modern room interior style.

Coffee Table Decor

Third type is modern coffee table with glass. This coffee table is made from wood and glass. Glass is used on top side. Some models use stainless steel as additionally material. This coffee table type can come in multifunction furniture type or not.

These coffee table can be put on rugs. Some people like coffee table without chairs and other people like with chair. Both of these choices are good. If we like with chair, select the right height of this coffee table. It must be fit with chairs height. If we use it for our self, not to invite guests or friends, it can be put in front of studio day sofa in front of TV.

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