3 Secrets To Select The Right Modern Tiles

Modern Bathroom Flooring

Modern and contemporary are important term now on home decorating, including on modern bathroom tiles choosing. To create modern bathroom through modern tile choosing, at least there are three secrets t do it. These secret are tile color coordinating, tile texture and tile size. Undoubtedly, color is essential factor on decorating everything. The right color choosing will transform new pretty look, but wrong color combination will create new clutter. Too much colors are not good for decorating room, including here for bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Tiles

Maximum three colors can be applied for these modern bathroom tiles. Either light or dark color are good and can be used for modern bathroom tiles. Light color is good for small bathroom. Besides that, light color with good ornament will bring cheerful atmosphere. While dark color will make this bathroom become elegant and stylish.

Modern Ceramic Tiles

There are two options to choose color on this modern bathroom tiles. First option is choosing all of tile in one color and second option is choosing on different color. If this bathroom will be decorated with different color tile, so lighter color is installed on wall, while darker color is installed on floor.  Except if for this floor use white ceramic, so other color ceramic is installed on the wall to make it fresher.

Modern Bathroom Flooring

When selecting these tiles, prioritize to choose tile with texture. It’s prettier than without texture. Combination between color and texture will create pretty look for this tile. But keep this in simple texture or ornament. Too much texture will give impression such as unplanned. Texture like on kitchen backsplash is good to be used on this bathroom.

Last thing is tile size. Either one size or different size for tile on floor and wall can be used. If we want to install different size tile on this bathroom, so smaller tile is installed on the wall.

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