3 Simple Principles To Decorate Small House

Simple Interior Design Ideas

Whenever we will decorate small house, small room and small space, don’t ever forget about three essential things. These things are storage, furniture and color. All of decorations must be connected with these factors. No matter what style of room decoration, these three factors are always become crucial considerations. Three things run different functions. Storage has function to store many items to reduce clutter, stuffy and crowded look. Furniture run function adapting its type. Color will responsible on the making of bigger or smaller impression.

Simple Interior Decoration For House

First things is storage. Simple interior decoration for house, especially on small house will need very much storage places presence. It can be cabinet, rack, shelving, bookshelves and so on. It is responsible to avoid untidiness of a room. But we have to also give attention on these storage places. It may not create new clutter if there are many storage places at home. One smart trick to handle storage places are painting it in similar color with room interior. It will give illusion disappearing from viewing.

Simple Bedroom Interior Design

Second thing is furniture. Don’t ever make mistake on furniture choosing. It must be fit to room. Big size furniture will reduce potion area for free space, so a room is looked narrow. While smaller furniture on big room will not balance. We have to see furniture from two perspectives: horizontal and vertical. Bigger and taller furniture will reduce space on horizontal and vertical direction. When we will make simple interior decoration for house plan, don’t forget to consider what kind of furniture will be fit for this room.

Simple Interior Design Ideas

Third thing is color. Without doubtful again that color is very important element on house decorating. Combining analogues colors can come peaceful feeling on bedroom. And for active kids, paint wall and then decorate it with complement colors are suit. Colors can come from paint and light.

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