3 Unique Ideas To Build Tree House Architecture

Tree House Ideas

Living in harmony or living close nature can be done in many ways, one of these ways is creating tree architecture design and then build it. Tree house architecture is unique idea. It can be good alternative to live in green environment. Here there are three ideas if we want to create this house. These ideas are building on a tree, building on area with trees surrounding it and let real big tree grow inside house. Tree house architecture usually use wood as main material. It’s tend to avoid modern furniture and appliance. Living in tree house is living in simple way, such as living on rustic region withhold style house.

Tree Architecture Design

First idea is building house on a tree. This tree architecture design is the real tree house. It remind as movie Tarzan, such as living on a jungle. To do it, look for big tree that has ability to hold load if a house is built here. To reach this house, it can be done by using staircase from wood. This house can also become sanctuary place or playing house for children. If building this house, make sure this house is built with strong construction. Choose big tree with strong limb.

Tree House Building

Second  tree architecture design idea is building on area where there are a lot of trees surrounding this area. These trees can be a living fence. This tree house type is fit to be built on rustic region with natural environment, where there are still a lot of trees growing there. Besides these trees become living fence, it also can give fresh air and view for this house.

Tree House Ideas

Third idea is building a house by letting a big tree grow inside this house. To do it, at first time look at area where there are still big trees grow there. If on backyard there are right tree, this house can be built there and become alternative house. Medium size tree is good choice. Before building this house, choose one tree then cut every trees around this chosen tree. Then house construction is built around this tree with this tree is on center of house. Give hole on ceiling to let this limb and leaf grow.

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