3 Uniqueness From Tiny Home Texas

Tiny Texas Houses

Since tiny house movement phenomena happens, there are many companies that produce and offer tiny house. Two big players of them are Tumbleweed Tiny House and Tiny Texas Houses. First company is owned by Jay Shafer and second company is owned by Brad Kittel. What make special of Brad Kittel’s house? Well, if we look at his company product, we can make sure that their products are stand out from the crowd. It’s very unique. It will be very different if we put their tiny house product with Jay Shafer product. This tiny home Texas is looked like old tiny house, while Jay Shafer’s tiny house is looked new, clean, classic and trendy. This old style look is their strong advantage on their market.

Tiny Home Texas

First uniqueness is even though most of their tiny home Texas products are made from 99% pure salvage wood. And this company is not careless when purchasing these materials. They set high standard quality for their wood materials. Even though it’s looked like very old house, this house is built with god quality wood. So, don’t worry with this product.

Texas Tiny House Company

Second uniqueness is on its antique look. If we look for a house that can bring us to past era, this is the right choice. Living in here will make us feel like living on grand ma house. This house can reflects many things. Besides for bringing past memory, it also eco friendly, simplify living and affordable price like other common tiny house. Well, this is other advantage of tiny home Texas.

Tiny Texas Houses

Third uniqueness is on its custom design. Even though this house is looked like used house, but don’t be wrong! This is new house and it’s custom house design. It’s like having special stuff by owning this house. It’s good and unique alternative to live on tiny house nowadays.

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