3 Way Ideas To Create Nature Wall Painting

Wall Art Handmade Oil Paintings

Nature picture such as forest, animal, garden, tree, flower, river, lake, mountain and so on can be brought into house. It will make us feel like on those environment. Here are three ways to make nature wall painting: art painting, mural and stencil. There are advantages and disadvantages of these three options depended on how big area will be covered, color options and flexibility to be replaced if we want to change it someday.

Nature Wall Painting

First nature wall painting idea is art painting. Art painting is the most popular wall art to decorate wall. There is unlimited art paintings choice, including on genre, size, year, color and frame design. Art painting come on various price. If we want to save money, buy art painting from not popular painter. If we like art painting from great painters, just buy on printing on canvas version. It will save a lot of money. This printing on canvas version has almost similar with the original version. The advantage of art painting, it can be moved into other room easily. Disadvantage of this art painting, it cannot cover big room area.

Paint Painted Wall

Second nature wall painting idea is mural. This is other art painting type, but on the wall, not on canvas. There are several local artists that offer their service to decorate wall with mural. Similar with art painting, here there is unlimited picture choice, color and area for wall. If we want to decorate all of wall surface, mural can do it. It can covers all of wall surface. Disadvantage of mural, it cannot be moved into other room if we want to change with new design.

Wall Art Handmade Oil Paintings

Third nature wall painting idea is stencil. Stencil can be done by our self. Stencil can be good alternative for art painting and mural. The advantage of stencil is affordable price, simple technique and practice. Disadvantages of stencil are less colors choice than art painting and mural and cannot be moved into other room if we want to change with new stencil.

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