3 Ways To Build Simple Purple Swimming Pool

Purple Pool Water

Purple is sensational color. It means creativity, romantic, calm, energize, spirituality and mysterious. It has many good qualities. Painting bedroom wall with light purple color can create romantic atmosphere. Even swimming pool can be colored with purple. And the result is sensational, luxurious and unique swimming pool. There are three simple ways to create simple purple swimming pool. First way is by painting swimming pool base with purple color or by installing purple ceramic. If necessary all of swimming pool can be decorated with this color. Consider first whether light or dark purple. Light purple is brighter than dark. If we want to create mysterious swimming pool, dark purple is sensational chosen.

Simple Purple Swimming Pool

Second way to create simple purple swimming pool is by installing several purple lamps around this swimming pool. Measure first swimming pool dimension to determine how many lamp we need and its wattage specification. It’s better to install several purple lamp with lower wattage than install less lamp with higher wattage. These lamps are not only for lighting this swimming pool, more than that these lamps are also to decorate exterior house and garden. These lamps will make this swimming pool become exotic.

Purple Swimming Pool Water

Third way to create simple purple swimming pool is by installing big cover above swimming pool. This big cover usually use polycarbonate material. Choose purple polycarbonate. When sky is bright and sun light strong, area under his cover will change become purple, including this swimming pool. It’s great way, but it has disadvantage. This way will not work on night.

Purple Pool Water

To create ultimate purple swimming pool is by combining all of these three way. All of swimming pool wall and base is decorated with purple. Around swimming pool is installed purple lamp.LED lamp type is good to be considered. And above swimming pool is installed purple polycarbonate. Besides that, around this swimming pool is better to be planted with purple plants. There are certain ornamental grass that has purple color.

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