Tips To Decorate Bedroom With Blue And Pink

Pink And Blue Bedding

Are you a blue lover or pink lover? What will you choose? Blue is common favorite color for most people. Blue represent sky and ocean. Pink is favorite color for girls bedroom. If we confuse to choose between blue and pink, so use these colors together to decorate bedroom. Then look for blue pink interior design ideas to beautify your bedroom. Shades of blue on bedroom create relax, calm and peaceful. While pink brink romantic, feminine and love feeling.

Blue Pink Interior Design Ideas

First step to implement blue pink interior design ideas is deciding whether blue or pink will be used as main color. For example id we decide blue, then paint wall with blue. Wallis first bedroom element that we have to give attention because first impression about color on bedroom is gotten from wall. After painting wall with blue, then decorate bedding set, curtain and rug with pink. It will create balance. Additional color to complete it is violet, because violet can be middle color between blue and pink, so transition color run good.

Pink And Blue Bedroom Ideas

Second step to apply blue pink interior design ideas is fulfill bedroom with accessories that come with blue and pink color, such as table lamp, poster, art painting, art work, ceramic, vase, wall clock and so on. This effort to keep this bedroom is on blue pink impression.

Pink And Blue Bedding

Third step is deciding what exactly bedroom atmosphere will be created. Dark purple and pink is felt more shady. For small bedroom, it is better to reduce dark purple portion by creating accent wall. One wall side is made striking by painting it with bold blue. To make bright, all wall sides are painted with light purple or pink. If we want cheerful ceiling, paint it with pink.

Wallpaper is also good to beautify wall. It is the smart way to make decorative wall. Every wallpaper themes come on various colors. Just choose blue or pink as dominant color for wallpaper.

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