4 Benefits Of Wooden Retaining Wall

Wooden Retaining Wall Pictures

There are many ways to decorate garden. Several ways can be done easily and with affordable price. Plant ornamental grass and building wooden retaining wall are examples for this purpose. Building wooden retaining wall on the garden has many benefits. These benefits are for beautifying garden, it can make certain plants become focal point on garden, as plants cluster border and to make stronger land area part. Several wood types can be used to make retaining wall. Solid and hard wood are right wood type. If we look for stronger wood type, railroad ties can be chosen.

Wooden Retaining Wall

If we use railroad ties as wooden retaining wall, make sure to not use it as retaining wall near consumed plants, such as vegetables. Railroad ties material content dangerous chemical component. This chemical material on railroad ties is used to make it more durable and not easy to clean it. It’s better to put far from consumed plants. Railroad ties is strong wood material, but it’s looked old. Other wood type with its natural texture is better choice if we look for beautiful appearance.

Wooden Retaining Wall Design

Wooden retaining wall on garden can make this garden become more beautiful. If we have pretty plants on garden, such as flower plants and ornamental grass, this retaining wall can make them as focal point on garden. This retaining wall will make them more focus. To make them more focus, paint this retaining wall with white color.

Wooden Retaining Wall Pictures

If we group certain plants on clusters base on similarity category, this retaining wall can be used for bordering them. This border can prevent people to not step them. Besides that, if there are land are on garden that has different height level, land on higher position has posiibility to avalanche. If it happens, it can destroy garden beauty and baddest possibility, plants will be die. Wooden retaining wall can prevent and protect plants from this possibility

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