4 Colour Choices To Make Calm And Relax

Decorative Wall Decor

How to choose the right wall colour decoration? On psychology science, there is strong relationship between colour and mood. So, it’s important when decorating room, especially when we will choose the right colour to paint wall, we apply this science fact. If we want to create calm and relax atmosphere on a room, there are four fit colours to be chosen. These colours are blue, green, purple and brown. These colours can be applied anywhere on house.

Wall Colour Decoration

First colour choice is blue. Blue is one of people favorite colour. Blue is ocean water and sky colour. Wall colour decoration with blue can bring calm, cool, relax. Perfect colour for workaholic people. After working hard on the whole day, then sit on this blue room will make us feel relax. Wall can be painted in the same blue colour or we can give variation to create accent colour, by painting one wall side with bold blue and other sides with lighter blue.

Wall Decor Color

Second colour choice is green. Green is forest colour. Wall colour decoration with green can bring relax, self control and harmony. It’s also reduce stress, depression and anxiety feeling. Green is widely used for healing purpose. Similar with blue application, we can create accent colour on wall with green.

Decorative Wall Decor

Third colour choice is purple. Purple is lilac and lavender colour. It’s good to be chosen as girls bedroom. Purple has ability to bring calm effect for mind and nerves. To create variation with purple, lighter and bold purple can be applied on wall decoration.

Fourth colour is brown. Brown is earth colour. Feeling harmony with earth will make people feel relax and stable. Why? Because people will think that they are part of the whole earth system. Similar with above colours, one wall side is painted with bold brown and other wall sides are painted with lighter brown.

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