4 Crucial Aspects For Small Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom Designs Pictures For Small Spaces

Small bathroom need special treatment and technique to make it look larger than real dimension. Some elements can be added to fulfill this requirement. Larger illusion is the best thing that we should create. If we look for ideas from some small bathroom designs pictures, we will see two important elements. These elements are glass and mirror. Then to make it good, add this small bathroom with decorative element. It can be added into existing furniture and appliance. Give attention on tile. Tile can be transformed become decorative tile.

Small Bathroom Designs Pictures

First aspect that we get from small bathroom designs pictures ideas is glass existing. Glass is transparent material. Light can flow through glass. It is important material for small bathroom. Try to change existing shower curtain with permanent glass. Vinyl curtain is also transparent and good, but glass can do better. Consequence to use glass is spending more budget, but it is balance with result. Good investment for small bathroom. Replacing vinyl with glass, make possible eyes to see inside and behind shower curtain, so it makes illusion there are reducing space area.

Small Bathroom Designs Floor Plans

Second aspect from small bathroom designs pictures is mirror. Big mirror along wall will make seem double bathroom space. Mirror presence is suit to fool eyes that this bathroom is big. If we can cover all wall sides with mirror, it is very good to make it larger illusion and bright. Also mirror can reflect light, both electric lamp and natural light.

Bathroom Designs Pictures For Small Spaces

Third aspect is giving decorative element on existing furniture and appliance. Small bathroom tend to make bored, because there is nothing we can do more than take a bath. Giving decorative element is for creating cheerful atmosphere. This effort can be done by incorporating several items on bathroom to save area. For example, pedestal sink can be incorporated with bathroom vanity.

Fourth aspect is enhancing visual effect of tile. Plain tile look bored. Be creative. On the edge side along wall, tile with floral pattern will change this visual appearance. Or arrange different color and pattern tile on center position.

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