4 Essential Elements To Beautify Pop Living Room Ceiling

Living Room Ceiling Ideas

We can say that ceiling is fifth wall on room with four wall sides. Besides wall and floor, ceiling is also essential home element to be given special treatment. So, whenever we look at on a room, there is always beauty everywhere. Nowadays, ceiling gets serious attention from room interior designer, especially on living room. Pop living room ceiling is very popular. There are many creative ideas to make it different, unique, modern and pretty. It combines geometry shape, colors preference and materials choice. So, ceiling will be the next important room interior element.

Pop Living Room Ceiling

First element to complete pop living room ceiling is molding. Molding is common element for beautifying ceiling. Molding is available on various design, style and shape. Molding can give accent decoration on ceiling. Decorate ceiling with molding is fast way to change its visual look. Benefits of molding: practice, simple way, reduce time and available on many variation options.

Ceiling Designs Living Room

Second element to create pop living room ceiling is wood. Wood can be totally material to cover roof and it can be accent decoration on ceiling. Depended on people taste and consideration, these two ways are good. Covering entire roof with wood will make it shady, soft and cool, Natural texture on wood add its ceiling beauty. Accent decoration with wood provide variation for ceiling. Entire ceiling can be from gypsum then add wood rod as variation. These woods become place to install ceiling lamp.

Living Room Ceiling Ideas

Third element is fake wall panel. Fake wall panel give texture on ceiling. Simple texture like strip line will add variation on ceiling. Fake wall panel is clever trick to add element like wall but come with additionally pattern and texture.

Fourth element is lighting. Don’t ever underestimate to lamp. Lamp is essential modern element. Lamp give new look on wall and ceiling by adding shades of light on certain area. It will work well if this lamp has different color with wall. For example, for beige and cream wall, white ceiling lamp will work well.

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