4 Factors To Design And Build Your Own House

Build And Design Your Own House Online

For beginner, how to design and build your own house is common question to be answered when they will build a house. As basic guidance, there are four factors we should know first. These are land dimension, number room, budget and tool. Starting from land dimension. However, land dimension, both width and length will restrict its house design, especially on house floor plan. Design house floor plan above wide land is more flexible than on small land. But this problem can be handled with smart trick.

How To Design And Build Your Own House

Second factor on how to design and build your own house is number room. Based on number of family members, we can determine how many room and size we need. Big family needs more room than small family. On wide land, many rooms can be built on one floor, but on small land, it must be built on more than one floor. It needs loft. Loft on a home can be good solution for limited land space. On the same area space, loft can add more rooms without adding land space.

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Third factor on how to design and build your own house is budget. This is the most important factor. For small land, if we have no enough budget right now, we can delay to build loft. This loft can be built later, but for now this second floor construction must be prepared first. And loft can be built anytime. Last factor is tool. To make easier this task to prepare design, we need tool. Both online and offline tool can be used. Some of them are free.

Build And Design Your Own House Online

All above explanations are based on with assumption that we have enough skill and knowledge to make design and planning. If we don’t sure, we can hire consultant or buy ready made house plan. To fit with requirement, this ready made house plan can be modified. It can cut time to design its house floor plan. For beginner, buy ready made plan is good alternative.

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