4 Functions Of Bay Window Valances

Bay Window Valance Ideas

Valance can be installed every room window, even on kitchen window. A good bay window decoration will not be complete without this valance presence. At least bay window valances have three functions. These functions are as decorating elements, help to focus other element, give room character  and save money. Beautiful valance will beautify top side window and its room. Good valance can be focal point on window decoration by contrasting its color and ornament with room wall color. For example, if this room wall is painted with white color, then red valance with ornament pattern will be focal point on this room.

Bay Window Valances

Bay window valances can also help other element on room become focal point. For example, if there is beautiful furniture or chandelier hanging lamp on living room and it will be focal point, so this bay window can be chosen on different color, but this different color may not be looked striking. It’s good to select bay window valances that have the same color with room wall. It will not be looked striking anymore and other element will be looked more striking.

Bay Window Valances For Kitchens

Other function is giving room character. A good bay window valances will be good medium to express taste, hobby and personality. If homeowner like orchid flower, so installing valance with orchid decoration can show their indulgence for orchid. Valance with flower decoration style is easy to be gotten on store.

Bay Window Valance Ideas

Last function is saving money. It can be done, because this window decoration element can be made easily. There are many fabric choices to be made as valance. First step, measure first window size. Then buy the right fabric on the store. Adapt its choosing with room decoration style. Install rod pocket to hang this valance, create header, install drapery and so on. Besides it give attractive activity to make it, it also save money.

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