4 Ideas From Karim Rashid Interior Elements

Decorating Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is famous interior designer. He was born in Cairo, Egypt. He has made 3000 designs and winning 300 award. It’s incredible achievement. If we are looking for fresh idea to decorate room, looking at  Karim Rashid interior elements will give some ideas. We can get room decoration ideas from there. At least there are four ideas that we can take from his designs. These ideas are feminine character, cheerful, romantic and modern look. Most of his designs show feminine character. It can be felt from his colors choosing and furniture design. We will not find masculine or macho characters from his design. His design is fit for girl kids, teenage girl,  woman and young couple.

Karim Rashid Interior Elements

Cheerful is next character of his designs. His designs reflect happiness atmosphere. A room with Karim Rashid interior elements will be looked bright and comfortable. Looking at room with his interior design style make us seem come into children world. Colorful world with happiness, far from sadness.

Karim Rashid Furniture

Romantic atmosphere is other character that we can feel when looking at his designs. Soft pink, purple, orange, yellow, blue, white, green and purple are colors that he often use, specially pink color. It bring tenderness atmosphere, far from violence. People who like living in peace and hate violence will be happy stay on home with Karim Rashid interior elements.

Decorating Karim Rashid

Even though his designs are looked feminine, cheerful and romantic, but it also shows modern style. His designs are unique. He often creates unusual furniture designs, but beautiful. It’s creative artwork, not ordinary furniture. If we like his designs, we can take some ideas. Maybe it will spend a lot of budget to hire him to decorate our room. We can save money by buying furniture that has similar design with his designs. If necessary this furniture can be repainted to bring Karim Rashid interior style. It’s good, fresh and cheerful.

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