4 Ideas Of Retaining Wall Railroad Ties

Retaining Wall Landscape Timbers

Railroad ties are recognized as durable material. Usually it’s made from solid, hard and quality wood. It’s also thick and weight. Railroad ties can be used for many purposes. It has application variations, especially on garden. Retaining wall railroad ties is one of its applications. We can generate other ideas. Here they are garden wall, replacement wall, stepping path and to reinforce wall. Starting from garden wall. It can run function such as fence. Garden wall from railroad ties are unique and strong. But, whatever the functions of this railroad ties, make sure that it’s not placed near edible plants such as vegetable and fruit, because some railroad ties are mixed with hazardous chemical components.

Retaining Wall Railroad Ties

Second idea of retaining wall railroad ties is for replacement wall. If there are old brick, stone, concrete and wood retaining wall, we can replace them by this material. If we don’t want to replace them, we can add one layer outside those retaining wall. This effort can increase its strength and securing from avalanche possibility.

Retaining Wall Railroad Ties Pictures


Third idea of retaining wall railroad ties is for building stepping path. If land condition in our garden has slope, it’s better if we build stepping path in stair shape. It can make this garden more unique. This railroad ties can be used to hold each layer of land on each level. Railroad ties are durable wood. It can be withstand on high food traffic.

Retaining Wall Landscape Timbers

Fourth idea is to reinforce wall. If we build wall with certain height, to prevent this wall from collapse and tipping over, we can make stronger this wall by giving railroad ties. If we are interested with railroad ties, we can get it on home supply store or building contractor. Look for building contractor that has contract with rail yard. They may remove and sell again. We may not directly take railroad ties from its place. It’s illegal action.

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