4 Ideas To Decorate Bay Window Area

Living Room Bay Window Decorating Ideas

Bay window decorating will be complete if we also decorate window area near it. Decorating window area is great way to maximize window function. Window function is not only to beautify a home, it’s also for circulating air and passing sun light to make brighter room. Bay window area that has potential to be decorated are window seat and room area near it.  First idea is arranging living room furniture behind it. It can be done if there are several windows on living room. It can make people that sit here feel fresh. They can feel wind blow and inhale fresh air.

Bay Window Decorating

Second bay window decorating idea is putting one sofa behind this window. It can be done on family room and bedroom. Sitting here to enjoy outdoor view, or  reading book while drinking coffee or tea is really pleasant event, specially if this home has beautiful view. It’s good to be done on family room or on open space.

Bay Window Furniture

Third bay window decorating idea is creating window seat cushion. This is favorite element to be added on window. It can be alternative sofa. This window seat can be completed with mattress and pillow. To make this window seat become exciting place, decorate this mattress and pillow cover with exciting fabric color. Beside this window seat can be put floor lamp. It has function to light this window seat when night come.

Living Room Bay Window Decorating Ideas

Fourth idea is putting one table and two chairs behind this window. It can be used for two persons. It’s good to be installed on living room, bedroom and family room. Husband and wife or wife with her guest can sit here. While talking about interesting topic, they can enjoy tea and cake in pleasant atmosphere by sitting here. This table then is decorated with flower arrangement and table lamp.

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