4 Ideas To Decorate Headboard On Bed

Decorating With Quilted Headboard

If we like reading book on bed, choose bed with quilted headboards is the right choice. To make it more beautiful, then it can be decorated with several ways. At least there are five ideas to do it. These ideas are wall mural art, cabinet, wallpaper and wood frame. Focusing these decoration elements are not on this headboard, but on the area around it. Wall mural art is first idea. It can comes on many shapes, such as painting, photo, sticker, poster, vinyl, mural and stencil. These wall mural arts can be put above this headboard. Decorating with painting, photo, sticker and vinyl are easier than mural and stencil.

Quilted Headboards

Second idea to decorate quilted headboards Is by installing cabinet. One or two cabinet can be put on left and right side of bed. Then above this cabinet is put table lamp and flower. We can determine whether this table lamp is for lighting book or for helping sleeping. Table lamp with pretty cap is good to be chosen.

Quilted Headboards For Beds

Third idea to decorate these quilted headboards are by installing wallpaper. Besides for decorating this headboard, this wallpaper can also be headboard foundation to protect it from directly contact with room wall. Directly contact with wall for long time can make this headboard become humid then damaged. If decorating with mural wall art is only put on certain area near this headboard, so if decorating with wallpaper, it must be installed on every wall side.

Decorating With Quilted Headboard

Last idea is by installing wood frame around this headboard. It will make this headboard become like a picture. It can help focusing this headboard. It’s perfect for headboard with beautiful ornament. At least wood with width 6 inch can be installed around it. From all of above decoration ideas, installing painting, photo, poster, sticker and vinyl are cheap ways.

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