4 Ideas To Decorate Outdoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor Above Ground Pool

Beautiful outdoor swimming pools can show social status of its homeowner. Weather on outdoor can hotter and colder than indoor swimming pool. Actually how to decorate outdoor and indoor swimming pool is not different significantly. There’s similarity on certain things, but not for all aspects. Decorating outdoor swimming pool and garden can be done together. There are some plants that can make outdoor swimming pool become more beautiful, by planting it around this swimming pool. And lighting for garden can applied for outdoor swimming pool. Also outdoor furniture for garden can be used to beautify this swimming pool.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

First idea to decorate these outdoor swimming pools are by installing outdoor furniture. This furniture can be made from wood, rattan or synthetic material. Synthetic rattan is cheaper and more durable than genuine rattan. On this outdoor furniture can be completed with big umbrella to protect from hot weather and make shady. These outdoor furniture can be completed with pillow. This pillow is covered with water proof synthetic material.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Designs

Second idea to decorate these outdoor swimming pools are by painting swimming pool wall and base. Painting wall and base with dolphin fish is very interesting. It’s such as swimming on the sea together with dolphin. But painting shark and piranha fish are not good. It can make this swimming pool become scary pool. Other idea to beautify this base is by painting mosaic ornament. It’s more aesthetic and more luxurious than dolphin fish. But for family swimming pool, picture with fish theme is better choice.

Outdoor Above Ground Pool

Third ides is by installing unique garden lamp. For example, several big lamp in ball shape is good choice. Ball lamp in size like soccer ball or more can be tried. White big lamp ball in the night will be looked exotic.

Fourth idea is by installing water sled. It’s perfect for kids. It will transform this swimming pool become kids playing area. For kids, this swimming pool may not have depth more than 4 feet. It will be having fun place for kids.

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