4 Ideas To Enjoy Studio Day Sofa

Studio Day Sofa Slipcover

There are three pleasant places in home to read book and magazine. These places are window cushion seat, bed with quilted headboard and studio day sofa. Studio day sofa is versatile furniture. It’s also a stand alone furniture. It can be looked beautiful even though without existing other furniture near it. It different with other furniture such as living room sofa than come in one set. If we feel bored with this studio day sofa, we can easily replace and change its cover and then change with new cover that we like.

Studio Day Sofa

There three favorite places to put this studio day sofa. These places are living room, family room and patio. If we put on living room, it can be placed separate with other living room furniture. Here it can be placed near living room wall. On family room, it can be placed in front of TV or near window. And on patio, it will be pleasant chair to enjoy outdoor view.

Studio Day Sofa Replacement Covers

To enjoy this studio day sofa, here there are four ideas that we can try. These ideas are we put coffee table in front of this sofa, put cabinet on left or right side, put green plant or flower arrangement and put this sofa under big picture. Starting from first idea. Studio day sofa with coffee table in front of it is fit if we put this sofa on family room or patio. While reading book, watching TV or enjoy outdoor view, we can drink coffee. It’s very taste, isn’t it?

Studio Day Sofa Slipcover

Second idea to put cabinet is fit if we put this sofa on living room or family room. This cabinet can be decorated with lamp or art furnishing article. Table lamp with cap and art furnishing article from resin or wood are right choice. We can also put book or DVD collections on this cabinet. Third idea is putting green tree or flower arrangement. It;s good if this sofa is placed on living room or family room. It can create freshness on these rooms. Green tree on rattan container and flower arrangement on glass vase are right choice.

Last idea is putting this sofa under big picture. It will be good focal point if we put this sofa on living room. To make this picture become more special, we can install table lamp or hockey puck light with lighting is directed into this picture.

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